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Cadiz / Spain
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Article WHO World Mental Health Surveys International College Student Project: Prevalence and Distribution of Mental Disorders Auerbach, Randy P.; Mortier, Philippe; Bruffaerts, Ronny; Alonso, Jordi; Benjet, Corina; Cuijpers, Pim; Demyttenaere, Koen; Ebert, David D.; Green, Jennifer Greif; Hasking, Penelope; Murray, Elaine; Nock, Matthew K.; Pinder-Amaker, Stephanie; Sampson, Nanc JOURNAL OF ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY 0021-843X (2018) DOI / 10.1037/abn0000362 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL / Green published, Green accepted, Bronze
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Article Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors Among First-Year College Students: Results From the WMH-ICS Project Mortier, Philippe; Auerbach, Randy P.; Alonso, Jordi; Bantjes, Jason; Benjet, Corina; Cuijpers, Pim; Ebert, David D.; Green, Jennifer Greif; Hasking, Penelope; Nock, Matthew K.; O'Neill, Siobhan; Pinder-Amaker, Stephanie; Sampson, Nancy A.; Vilagut, Gemma; JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY 0890-8567 (2018) DOI / 10.1016/j.jaac.2018.01.018 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL / Green accepted, Green published
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