Simone Salotti

Seville / Spain
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Article Economic modelling to evaluate Smart Specialisation: an analysis of research and innovation targets in Southern Europe Barbero, Javier; Diukanova, Olga; Gianelle, Carlo; Salotti, Simone; Santoalha, Artur REGIONAL STUDIES 0034-3404 (2021) DOI / 10.1080/00343404.2021.1926959 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL / Gold other
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Article Decentralization and the duration of fiscal consolidation: shifting the burden across layers of government Foremny, Dirk; Sacchi, Agnese; Salotti, Simone PUBLIC CHOICE 0048-5829 (2017) DOI / 10.1007/s11127-017-0441-0 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL / Hybrid, Green accepted, Green published
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