Rocio Marquez-Ferrando

Seville / Spain
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Review A global threats overview for Numeniini populations: synthesising expert knowledge for a group of declining migratory birds Pearce-Higgins, James W.; Brown, Daniel J.; Douglas, David J. T.; Alves, Jose A.; Bellio, Mariagrazia; Bocher, Pierrick; Buchanan, Graeme M.; Clay, Rob P.; Conklin, Jesse; Crockford, Nicola; Dann, Peter; Elts, Jaanus; Friis, Christian; Fuller, Richard A.; BIRD CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL 0959-2709 (2017) DOI / 10.1017/s0959270916000678 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL / Green accepted
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Article Does wintering north or south of the Sahara correlate with timing and breeding performance in black-tailed godwits? Kentie, Rosemarie; Marquez-Ferrando, Rocio; Figuerola, Jordi; Gangoso, Laura; Hooijmeijer, Jos C. E. W.; Loonstra, A. H. Jelle; Robin, Frederic; Sarasa, Mathieu; Senner, Nathan; Valkema, Haije; Verhoeven, Mo A.; Piersma, Theunis ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2045-7758 (2017) DOI / 10.1002/ece3.2879 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL / Green published, Gold
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