Hans Christoph Liedtke

Seville / Spain
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Article Macroevolutionary shift in the size of amphibian genomes and the role of life history and climate Christoph Liedtke, H.; Gower, David J.; Wilkinson, Mark; Gomez-Mestre, Ivan NATURE ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION 2397-334X (2018) DOI / 10.1038/s41559-018-0674-4 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL /
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Article Cross-species transcriptomics uncovers genes underlying genetic accommodation of developmental plasticity in spadefoot toads Liedtke, Hans Christoph; Harney, Ewan; Gomez-Mestre, Ivan MOLECULAR ECOLOGY 0962-1083 (2021) DOI / 10.1111/mec.15883 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL /
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