Luis Suarez-Arrones

Seville / Spain
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Article The effects of unilateral and bilateral eccentric overload training on hypertrophy, muscle power and COD performance, and its determinants, in team sport players Javier Nunez, Francisco; Santalla, Alfredo; Carrasquila, Irene; Antonio Asian, Jose; Ignacio Reina, Jose; Jesus Suarez-Arrones, Luis PLOS ONE 1932-6203 (2018) DOI / 10.1371/journal.pone.0193841 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL / Gold DOAJ, Green published
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Editorial Material Impact of Potential Physiological Changes due to COVID-19 Home Confinement on Athlete Health Protection in Elite Sports: a Call for Awareness in Sports Programming Sarto, F.; Impellizzeri, F. M.; Spoerri, J.; Porcelli, S.; Olmo, J.; Requena, B.; Suarez-Arrones, L.; Arundale, A.; Bilsborough, J.; Buchheit, M.; Clubb, J.; Coutts, A.; Nabhan, D.; Torres-Ronda, L.; Mendez-Villanueva, A.; Mujika, I.; Maffiuletti, N. A.; F SPORTS MEDICINE 0112-1642 (2020) DOI / 10.1007/s40279-020-01297-6 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL / Green published, Bronze
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