Magnetic field induced symmetry breaking in nonequilibrium quantum networks

Thingna, Juzar; Manzano, Daniel; Cao, Jianshu

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We study the effect of an applied magnetic field on the nonequilibrium transport properties of a general cubic quantum network described by a tight-binding Hamiltonian with specially designed couplings to the leads that preserve open-system symmetries. We demonstrate that the symmetry of open systems can be manipulated by the direction of the magnetic field. Starting with all the symmetries preserved in absence of a field, the anisotropic and isotropic fields systematically break the symmetries, influencing all nonequilibrium properties. For simple cubic systems, we are able to identify the steady states that comprise of pure states, bath-dependent states (nonequilibrium steady states), and also nonphysical states. As an application, we show numerically for large cubic networks that the symmetry breaking can control nonequilibrium currents and that different environmental interactions can lead to novel features which can be engineered in artificial super-lattices and cold atoms.
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