Ricardo Mora-Custodio

Seville / Spain
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Article Effects of velocity loss during resistance training on athletic performance, strength gains and muscle adaptations Pareja-Blanco, F.; Rodriguez-Rosell, D.; Sanchez-Medina, L.; Sanchis-Moysi, J.; Dorado, C.; Mora-Custodio, R.; Yanez-Garcia, J. M.; Morales-Alamo, D.; Perez-Suarez, I.; Calbet, J. A. L.; Gonzalez-Badillo, J. J. SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE & SCIENCE IN SPORTS 0905-7188 (2017) DOI / 10.1111/sms.12678 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL /
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Article Effect of different inter-repetition rest intervals across four load intensities on velocity loss and blood lactate concentration during full squat exercise Mora-Custodio, Ricardo; Rodriguez-Rosell, David; Manuel Yanez-Garcia, Juan; Sanchez-Moreno, Miguel; Pareja-Blanco, Fernando; Jose Gonzalez-Badillo, Juan JOURNAL OF SPORTS SCIENCES 0264-0414 (2018) DOI / 10.1080/02640414.2018.1480052 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL /
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Article Acute and delayed response to resistance exercise leading or not leading to muscle failure Pareja-Blanco, Fernando; Rodriguez-Rosell, David; Sanchez-Medina, Luis; Ribas-Serna, Juan; Lopez-Lopez, Covadonga; Mora-Custodio, Ricardo; Manuel Yanez-Garcia, Juan; Jose Gonzalez-Badillo, Juan CLINICAL PHYSIOLOGY AND FUNCTIONAL IMAGING 1475-0961 (2017) DOI / 10.1111/cpf.12348 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL /
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Article Velocity-based resistance training: impact of velocity loss in the set on neuromuscular performance and hormonal response Rodriguez-Rosell, David; Manuel Yanez-Garcia, Juan; Mora-Custodio, Ricardo; Pareja-Blanco, Fernando; Ravelo-Garcia, Antonio G.; Ribas-Serna, Juan; Jose Gonzalez-Badillo, Juan APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY NUTRITION AND METABOLISM 1715-5312 (2020) DOI / 10.1139/apnm-2019-0829 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL /
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