Extending Vacuum Trapping to Absorbing Objects with Hybrid Paul-Optical Traps

Conangla, Gerard P.; Rica, Raul A.; Quidant, Romain

Publicación: NANO LETTERS
VL / 20 - BP / 6018 - EP / 6023
The levitation of condensed matter in vacuum allows the study of its physical properties under extreme isolation from the environment. It also offers a venue to investigate quantum mechanics with large systems, at the transition between the quantum and classical worlds. In this work, we study a novel hybrid levitation platform that combines a Paul trap with a weak but highly focused laser beam, a configuration that integrates a deep potential with excellent confinement and motion detection. We combine simulations and experiments to demonstrate the potential of this approach to extend vacuum trapping and interrogation to a broader range of nanomaterials, such as absorbing particles. We study the stability and dynamics of different specimens, such as fluorescent dielectric crystals and gold nanorods, and demonstrate stable trapping down to pressures of 1 mbar.

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Green submitted